Classic Billiards and the „Ruhr Valley“ deserve Mega-Events

The biggest billiards events in the world are supposed to be the place where the best players of the world are facing each other and showcase their special abilities. Many players work tirelessly towards it. The board of the DBC Bochum wants to provide players, spectators and fans an unforgettable tournament, which underlines the greatness of the diversity in this game.

Fabian Blondeel as organizer and former world class player in the classic disciplines has much experience with high level Billiard-Events.During more than a half year he used to install an extraordinary event in his hometown.

The board of dbc bochum wants to transmit images of classic billiards never seen before. They are sure: there still exists a lot of attention and enthusiasm for the oldest disciplines in carom billiards.
The primary focus is to present the publicity, who might have played or seen billiards before, an other kind of sport and introduce them to all the aspects of carom billiards, snooker and pool.
Moreover the event will clarify, that people who exercise billiards belong to a very big and an inspiring family. That’s why not only men will participate at the event, but also women and teenager.

The Ruhr Area: A Special Billiard Region

The Ruhr area, the region where the billiard event will take place in april, is maybe one of the biggest billiard regions of total europe. More than 60 registrated clubs are playing this season in there assigned associations. An incomparable number if you even recognice it concerns to only 4.435 km² spread of land.
The former industrial region which takes his name from the ruhr river, is famous for his coal-mining ages in the past century, which have formed the character of people and their culture impressively. The biggest cities of the metropole: Bochum, Dortmund, Essen and Duisburg have succesful experienced a transition from industry to culture. More than 50 cities took part when the Ruhr region became the European Capital of Culture in 2010.
Because of former coal-mining and industrial ages a unique bar culture developed, where workers meet each other after work. In every single bar stood a billiard table. Of course, there often exists a little club with some players. The structural change has also changed the bar culture. Many bars get closed like the billiard clubs inside.
But the unique passion for the billiard sport still exist.

The Programme

The band „Legal Eagles“ will perform in the night before the event official started. The seven-person rockband will perform famous rock hits between the 70’s and 80’s. A warm-up for the crowd which wants to enjoy the sport center with a capacity for 900 people. The entry is free and starts at 6:30pm.
On Friday the First-Mayor of the city will make the opening-shot during an special opening-ceremony. After it four championships will be played on eight billiard tables. Before the final of the main tournament will begin, a group of young dancers will peform. 

Host City: Bochum

Bochum’s time as a city of smoking chimneys and glowing blast furnaces is illustrated at the German Mining Museum, the largest of its kind in the world. Every year, more than 400,000 visitors to the museum descend underground and then travel to the top of the winding tower, which offers fabulous views over Bochum and the Ruhr region at a height of 63 metres. The Ruhrtriennale in the Jahrunderthalle is an international arts festival, which takes place annually. The name reflects the fact that a new artistic director is appointed every three years. Bochum once had more collieries than anywhere else in the Ruhr region but now has the most theatres. The party capital of the entire region, Bochum’s ‚Bermuda triangle‘ of bars and clubs offers an unforgettable night out.