Coupe d’Europe Classic: Registration will be opened Friday

The Confédération Européenne de Billard is happy to announce the registration for the qualificationround Coupe d’Europe Classic 2018 Edition taking place on March 3, 2018 is  opened on Friday.

The places for qualificationrounds are: Athens (GR)Chartres (FR). If necessary a 3rd place will be designated.
Each federation is allowed to register more than 2 teams.

The teams consist of three players, where every single player plays one discipline. Balkline 47/2, balkline 71/2 or 1-cushion.
Six european teams are participating in the final round. Five teams will be qualified from the qualification round. These five teams will be completed by the defending champion DBC Bochum.

Do not miss the possibilty to play the Coupe d’Europe final during an extraordinary billard event in a sport center with a capacity of 900 people.
The Billiard event between the 20th and 22nd April 2018 is a great opportunity for the billiard sport. We‘ re being presented with the chance to show more of our sport people usually see.  It’s also a great chance to introduce non billiard players our great sport and immediately capture a lot of attention.
We hope you see why you should never let this possibility go to waste.

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