CEB Sports Director: „Perfect example for the promotion as additional sport for the 2024 Olympic Games“

Do you know any sport that fits this description ?

– Born in the 15th century

– Universal: practiced all over the world,

– Open to all: young or old, women or men, handicapped or not, rich or poor,…

– Combining body and mind,

– Perfect model for fair play and respect: the sportsmen even anticipate the decisions of the referee !

Yes, you have guessed: Billiards has all these characteristics.

That’s why we are candidate as additional sport for the 2024 Olympic Games !

That’s why we must fight all together for that !

That’s why I want to thank DBC Bochum and DBU: with Carom, Pool and Snooker, this “Big event 2018” is the perfect example for the promotion program that we will launch in June 2018, with Paris 2024 as a target.

Jean Pierre Guiraud

CEB sports director

French coordinator of the project “Billiards 2024”

Jean-Pierre Giraud
CEB Sports-Director